The Rantings of Wildfires

I write a lot.

Many have told me they connect with the things I write. I have been asked for signed copies of my work. I don’t know about it being anything special but it bleeds off the intensity of my thoughts and feelings. Some things are funny, some are sad, and some are angry. Some are just lost.

I have been diagnosed with PTSD and I fight against depression and anxiety now and then. Many of my writings reflect this. Some simply live the moment. Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments. Let me know how it makes you feel and what it evokes within you.

What I write is not typically G-rated. At all. Not Disney fare. Although I love me some Lion King.

I write as I feel and my feelings are rampant and intense as am I most of the time.

I have tried to group most  under somewhat organized categories so they are easier to access.

Above, (it will say menu if you are on a cellphone) when you click on the various title selections such as: Beautiful places, feelings, Beast, etc.  you  will find each title houses a list of writings. The title isn’t anything important except an idea of what the writings are about. It is the selections underneath that matter. The writings are grouped so that those similar are together.

Below in ARCHIVES you can find writings in the order they were posted.

Typically after a writing I also have a short ‘authors blurb’ where I give a small explanation or thought. In some cases an apology.

So welcome and try not to get too lost in my world, or perhaps you will and when that happens I hope you enjoy every moment. If you do get lost, live freely and remember to feed the wildlife and stray off the paths in this world. It’s dangerous but worth it.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, requests etc., either through email:, or through the Wild Fire Ravings Website.
I should note a lot of the angrier break up posts deal with drinking. I don’t condone drinking nor do I think it’s a healthy way to cope. My writings are simply works of fiction and feeling. I rarely drink myself and if you find yourself drinking to cope with stress or heart ache or anxiety please seek help. There are a million and one resources out there and everyone deserves to live a happy life. 

Thank you and as always,

the weird in me honors the weird in you,