Fuck a Rescue

I dont want a knight in shining armor.

My worn out feet can go a little longer.

Dont bring your fairy wand near me.

I am my own magic, you see.

Ive battled the dragon; defeated the horror.

Won the battle; lost the war.

I’ve lost clear sight on wrong and right.

I no longer trust my heart;

Its been off the mark from the start.

But I still have my worn out feet

And the dust and dirt ive trod underneath.

I’ve come so far beyond that old wishing star

Into worlds others can not conceive of.

I saved myself from every fear.

I’ve stood witness to my every tear.

Still my two feet keep striding on.

Into every dawn

Through every night.

Keeping my tattered soul shining bright.

Authors blurb: girls you don’t need anyone to save you. Boys we don’t need to be saved.


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