Healing Night

I smell the honeysuckle growing across the field

I taste the waving grass on the wind

The music flows around my body

I can feel it tickle and caress my skin

Underneath the setting sun I feel healed

My feet are bare and rough

As only country lads and lasses know

My legs are strong and quick

But for now I just let myself move slow

The pace of my heart is fast enough

My toes are twisting and sifting

Feeling the silty dirt, dry and cool

My hands come together and move apart

A stranger might think me a fool

But you know, you love that I’m dancing

The sun falls from the face of the earth

You begin to play

The cicadas sing along

This is the southern way

You cannot price freedoms worth

The grime of everyday life

The dirty feelings left by humanity

They are washed away in the smoke

The fire crackles and sparks as if happy

This dancing, this breathing, washes away the strife

Tomorrow I may have to return

But tonight I am free to dance

Right now I can feel the arms I need

Whether it be a man’s

Or the closeness of a lesson learned

Sweat drips and heat pulses

The fire burns and the wind makes a light whisper

Leaves rustle as the frogs chirp

I look for her

To see where the glow of starlight is

Authors blurb: what to say? Nature sometimes fixes us.


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