Broken Implies I Can Be Fixed

Broken implies I can be fixed
But that idea needs to be nixed
I don’t know who you think you are
That you curl your lips at my scars
I came by them honestly
So don’t fucking judge me
You can’t put me in a box
With the other fools dumber than rocks
I may have lost my mind
But it’s not something I wish to find
It never did me any good
Or kept my back straight when I stood
It second guessed my heart
And took a back seat to advice that was smart
It never stood up for what it wanted
But my soul and my heart couldn’t help but be counted
In the ranks of fools
Oh yes, the fools, Never once have they doubted
So take my sanity and cut out my soul
Leave out my heart and i will pay you gold
Just don’t force me to keep them
Working together or working apart
The only thing they guaranteed was I would be alone
So leave me an empty vessel
An unwrapped, unfilled parcel
Let me fill that emptiness left behind with heavy bits of time
Weighted down with wisdom on how to be kind
Then at the end let me step into the stream of life and sink to the bottom spilling my advice
Don’t trust your heart, don’t listen to your mind
Get rid of your soul and you will be fine
Just empty your body and fill it again
But make it happen honestly
And perhaps spare an occasional thought for the pain you shared with me
And how you can stop the vicious cycle
For just a short, little while

Authors blurb: I think the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tinman were idjits. if it isn’t broke don’t fx it! 😉 no, really though I think we give too much weight to these invisible entities: Heart, Mind, Soul. If we were truly empty imagine the beauty we could fill ourselves with.


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