I found myself in a crossroads one night

Willing to barter my soul in my plight

The devil appeared with a smirk and a grin

He said he never made a deal he couldn’t win

He kindly crooned: my soul had seen too much

He said my heart knew only hates’ touch

He told me my soul was his before I was born

My heart, once it was beating, was already forsworn

I was his before I escaped

Through Hells narrow gate

Looking for heaven

To find only sin

I kissed my devil I held him close

And softly slipped a knife into his ghost

I bore it down

Saw his blood on the ground

I kissed him once more

I was no longer the devils whore

I was Her myself.

Authors blurb: Sometimes I feel like daring the world to come at me. If I’m already damned I have nothing to lose. There are times You think I am weak and useless but what do you know? You will never see me coming baby.


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