We all wear a mask, some are pretty, some are bold. Others blend into the walls, they hide within the crowd. Our masks are sometimes acceptable, we pretend we can disarm them. But the hateful truth, is, its the other way around. We class them up with pearls, we dress them up with mud. But in the end a mask is more truth than the people underneath. But if you are very careful, if you work very hard, you can place a mask upon your face that is only what you approve of. Underneath is your true mask hiding your true face. What others love to see from me is my playful kitten mask. Innocence and temper, a little fire and some sass. I play this role and keep my mask up, acting out my part. All this time another mask is covering my heart.This mask is cruel and cunning. With a playful little streak. Her pointed ears disarm; her reputation is full of charm. But the heart of this mask is hate. She curls close around it, fanning the flames with her long tail. Her pelt hides the angst from those outside my head. My Fox mask has demon eyes, from driving me against the wishes of fate. She has protected me against the fall, against the prey of weakness, always using hate. She has been my constant companion, my inner counterweight. Without her carefully banking the fire I would long ago have fallen to fate. But my Fox is getting tired, the kitten is shadow thin. The fire keeps rising higher to illuminate what’s trapped within. My masks are crumbling to pieces. My naked face peers out. No longer can I hide within the anger that came from without. The fires are beyond control my soul is bared and burning. Without my masks I cannot leave this furnace I will hide here until the last. No one gets to see my face I hid it long ago. Show me yours I will show you mine but please let’s take it slow.

Authors blurb: so many faces. The face you show the world. The face you show your loved ones. The face you hide from in the mirror at night when you are all alone. Rarely do people share those faces. Usually it ends up badly. Or at least it has for me.


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