I danced with the devil in the pale moonlight

I gave him my soul without a fight

His hands were firm upon my waist

His eyes so bright upon my face

He asked for my heart

I asked for naught

I gave him my soul for a little time

And for eternity he would repay me in kind

So for my heart we danced together in the night

Part of the attraction was part of the fright

He silently stalked my every breath

His very words promising death

Innocence seems a fitting sacrifice

Knowledge is always worth the price

Were you to ask that secret voice inside

If a moment of happiness is worth your pride

You know deep down you no longer want to be alone

And no matter how long you must atone

A night in the devils embrace

Relieves that dark and empty space

And it is worth everything you spend

To find that end

To the loneliness

The emptiness

Longingly I miss the devils embrace

Authors blurb: some nights the devil finds you and some nights you go looking for him.


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