My Beast

My Beast, she hides

Sharp claws, deep inside

She knows no fears

She cries no tears

She hates weakness

My words cover her hiss

My Beast she shivers under my flesh

I feel her heart hiding behind mine

She harbors my hate

She flexes my anger

She drives me hard, hard, harder

She bats away fears

Her snarl is fierce

She is savage

She is strong

My Beast is who I really am

But you see the mask of a Lamb

I know the world is cruel

I know prey is used to fuel

The fire that burns deep inside

I am merely along for the ride

Holding in this anger

Hiding everything that is her

I smile through the fury

I clench my fists against the pain

I shutter my eyes

To hide the glow

You think I am kind

You see only what I don’t mind

But joke’s on you

I am not one of a dozen worth a dime

I am a beast

On life I have this lease

A separate part of me

Of which I can never be free

Born of the blood, the sweat, the hate

She came to relieve my heartache

She took in every overwhelming emotion

As endless as the ocean

She is nuclear

She is every bit of hate and fear

I cannot be without her.

But as she is, she cannot stay

Authors blurb: as I mentioned before I named this deeper savage side of me Beast after reading the Jane Yellowrock novels by Faith Hunter. Beast is the part of me that is instinct and cunning and anger.  And she got me through the heart break and depression but sometimes I don’t know what to do with this part of me anymore.


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