Never After

Never After
I’m not a princess and this ain’t a fairytale
This is real life and it’s a living hell
Happily ever after would have been so nice
Even if I had to click my heels together thrice
I never wanted to stand alone
I just want to hear a voice through the phone
No more idiots throwing stones
What do you know about being brave
All you know is about being safe
I’ve only ever wanted to be part of a pair
So explain how being stuck alone is fair
I’ve tried it all -but guess what -when you fall
You don’t lose a shoe merely another piece of you
So take your happy ever after and push it off a cliff
I hope the new Never After causes a tiff
Let the fucking princesses eat ground glass
Let all the prince Charmings plant a kiss on my ass
I’m fucking over it
I’m so mad I could spit
I’m never good enough
And it’s made me tough
I wanted to be the princess
I wanted a fairytale
Well now I’m the queen of this bitter hell
My heart is simply an empty shell

But for being the Queen I’m doing quite well
Authors blurb: I was sick and tired of everyone telling me my prince would come. The moron obviously dead or riding a turtle in the wrong direction. I wasn’t shallow enough to be a princess. So I let it all out here. 


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