Never Enough Rain

There’s not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash the pain away

There’s not enough wind to dry the tears that fell every day

The red dirt only hid the stains

The locusts song covered the screams

The mosquitos lapped the extra

And the rain fell from the sky

She buried her heart beneath the Rocky ground and piled the rocks up all around

The muddy water of the creek soothed her swollen cheek

With dead fescu grass she wove a promise ring

One day she would sleep

A slumber deep and pure and dreamless

And wake in a world where the dirt was rich and black

The water deep and clear and cool

The whine and rattle of locusts

Swapped for the kiss and brush of the wind

Which smells of rain and clean sky

There would be no swollen face to cleanse

She would spread her wings and fly
Authors blurb: obviously inspired by Carrie Underwoods beautiful song. I don’t think there will ever be enough rain to drown the memories but now and then the present moment can win and I let them go for a bit.


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