Once Upon My Death

When I die I hope to find myself on platform 9 3/4. Where Gandalf will escort me to The Shire through the wardrobe and Tumnus will show me the great castle of Sevenwaters. Enders ship will fly me over the great deserts of Dune as Laura Ingalls’ father plays a happy tune. Sookie will take my hand and dance as wildmagic fills the air. Alanna will give me a ride upon Moonlight and Hermione will show me the Beast’s lair. Acorna’s laugh will be infectious to my ears as the Incarnations shed a few tears that I am finally here. Katniss and Gale will take me hunting and I will practice with a real bow. Saphira will make a bonfire in celebration. The Three Sisters will work some magic to bring in the fireflies. The South Central Pride will take me to run. Mercy will introduce me to Coyote. Rachel and Trent will ask me to watch Lucy and Ray. Ceri and Al are in love. Nikki and Anderson finally get their story. We will watch the Mockingjay catch the Falling Star and Frodo and Bilbo rest now they have traveled far. Dumbledore places the sorting hat upon my head and it tells me I am not dead. The fairytales and stories I’ve read finally escaped outside of my head. I have my happy after all. My once upon a time has come to my call. I no longer need an armored knight, I am no longer afraid of the night. I feel my soul overwhelmed with love. I no longer need to fill my daydreams. My reality has become more than just dreams. Everything, everything, is finally more than it seems.

Authors blurb: I love fairytales and reading. I don’t believe in heaven but if I did it would be living with my heroes and heroines for the rest of forever.


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