Remember Me

If tomorrow I should die,

Then cry

Please shed a tear or two

Because you should know,

I will be missing you.

Sing me a whiskey lullaby

And let the wind whisk away your goodbye

Make a wish on a dandelion

Don’t let the preacher drone on

Tell a funny tale or two

I wish to hear a love story from you

Remind the world that i existed

That there were wonderful things I did

While I did often fail

I more than not did prevail

I fought the evil witches

I won the war

But now is my time to soar

I now reside within my fairytales

I now live once upon a time

It’s time to have my happy ending

For the end is merely the beginning

Pass on my love

Remember my kisses

Remember me with all of your senses

And if, in the future we meet

When you feel the wind across your cheek

Pause a moment

And remember me
Authors blurb: if I die young…


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