Return Me Please

I feel the movement of their world upon my skin

The haunting murmurs of their voices in the wind

I taste the kiss

I have no right to miss

I made a mistake

And it makes my heart ache

The chance of my life

And ties to this world slit with a knife

I did not know

If I had gone just a little more slow

Taken the time to listen

If I had looked behind the facade then,

I would have understood

I know, I know I would

I was young – I was rash

My mind a foolish, jumbled crash

Of confusion – of fury

Now I am so sorry

I wait for the Owl to call outside my window

I beg the stars to hang low

So that I may grasp tight

I only want my chance to fight

For the future I did not know I lost

And I would pay any cost

Please, my King

Come back for me

Your Queen is all alone

I would atone

For the world I left behind

The whispers in my mind

Ask for my return

I can learn

I can make amends

I can make him happy; My King of the Goblins
Authors blurb: This is one of a pair of writings I made based on The Labyrinth. I love this movie. It’s dark; it’s twisted and it’s innocence is suspect. I imagined after she left she must have realized what a fool she was and spent her life looking for a way to return.


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