Sloppy Heartache

I wish I believed in God now

I need a power to lean on

Lesson learned and how

Muffled and thready is my song

I didn’t expect it to hurt this way

I had no idea I could truly break

I believed the words you did say

I never imagined such heartache

As the sun shines I can pretend

But the sun is gone and my heart…

My pretend is at an end

Everyone thinks I am so smart

But you proved me a fool

I am a tempest without the rain

A winter storm without the cool

I don’t want this pain

He doesn’t deserve how much I hurt

He doesn’t deserve my heart

I learned my lesson well

Never answer when the past comes knocking

He has nothing new to say and you

Don’t want him to replay his part
Authors blurb: the first real relationship after my divorce was abusive in a physical way. A guy I had known since we were children and who I just knew I loved with all my heart. I thought he loved me and I thought he wanted to change but he didn’t. Our relationship was on again and off again and always unstable. The sex was fabulous but the viciousness was not worth it. Never never never stay in an abusive relationship. Never. He won’t change. You will never mean more than his whiskey does.


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