The Darker Side of Me

The veneer is breaking thin and I feel it settling in… there is that darker part within which stretches, pushes, fills the hollows under my skin. This Beast I feel is lustful. She is proud and knows no shame. When first I felt her subliminal growl I did not know I could never be the same. When her fur shifts underneath and the emotions flow forth I struggle to rein her in. Her savagery is beautiful. Her simplicity is harrowing. She acts on her desires without a doubt. She knows no regret and guilt has no place within her head. I hear her voice when I am alone. Her words have a startling clarity and they make such sense to me. The simplicity of her desires stretches me thinner than the finest wire. I can not take that step to begin the journey anew. But Beast she is different and she knows just what to do.
Authors blurb: sometimes it feels as if there is a secret darker part inside me and she wants to be set free. I gave this darker side of me the name Beast after reading the Jane Yellowrock novels by Faith Hunter. I looooove those books.


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