Wake and Sleep

There is a place between waking and sleep

A place where every thought is deep

Where you feel the earth turn

And the universe breathe

I speak to my dreams

And sip on sunbeams

The solar system waits for me

In this place between waking and sleep

Within a field where time will keep

No right; no wrong and yet I don’t sleep

I dance the edge between night and day

Slowly, slowly, feel the way

Feather light touch upon my skin

Is simply the feel of rain fresh wind

I know every answer, indulge every whim

In this hazy unlikely world I’m in

I ache to fall deeper

yet my consciousness angles steeper

I hesitate to leave this place

I enjoy this fully empty space

Resting deep within my mind

Perhaps once again I can find

This place between waking and sleeping
Authors blurb: you know this place. Before your alarm blares and after you have had a good nights sleep… You don’t want to leave but you just can’t stay.


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