When You Least Expect It

Fairytales are real

Fiction can be true

Heartache one day ends

So love can then resume

Never let your confidence stutter

Don’t let the hate define

Keep traveling those dusty dirt roads

Until you stumble across once upon a time

Don’t fool yourself into thinking

You need a shining knight on armor

Working men have dirt and calluses

Their love outlasts a nights ardor

Keep your head up high

Keep your weapons ready

But when your heart trips and falls

He will catch it softly

You can best a dragon any day

You can defeat a wicked witch

But little lady don’t dare lie

Against love there is no defense

Smile and dance and enjoy the romance

And lose yourself amongst the stars

Make a wish and set it free

Love and let love be

Authors blurb: we can deny it all we want but love hits hard and sudden.


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