Sipping warmth from a glass

Seated upon rain fresh grass

Watching sparks fly ever higher

Water reflecting auroras from the fire

Hungry flames reach toward the sky

Everything about this night

Sends senses spiraling high

Laughter with strangers; laughter with friends

Here’s hoping this night never has to end

Dancing to Luke Bryan on my radio

Feeling my body swinging to and fro

Lift the glasses to make a toast

Make sure to give credit to old ghosts

Then tell them all to go to hell and roast

Shouts of triumph echo across the river

The feeling of belonging makes you shiver

You belong so fully in this moment out of time

To the fire, to the water, to the stars in the sky,

To the grass underneath and you don’t ask why

Surely this is a sign

Of having found a missing piece

As you can feel your chest begin to release

You know this memory will be key

To the puzzle that makes me


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