Crossroads Reels

Legba, oh Legba

Come meet me

In the center of the crossroads

Close by the willow tree

Trade my soul and make a pact

Dance with me to seal the act
Devil, my Devil

Dance with me

Under the moonlight

By the sea

I have a trade I wish to make

I might as well have and eat my cake
Hecate, Hecate

Goddess of the way

Grant my desires

This I pray

Hear my plea

And answer quickly
DJinn, great DJinn,

Genie of the splitting way

I dance for you

This is what I say

Grant me a wish, just one I beg

The other two are yours

Debt that I don’t wish to pay
Bean Nighe, powerful Bean Nighe

I’ve come to match my wits to thee

Questions to ask, there can only be three

Respectful and watchful I must be

If I am to go free

Otherwise my soul no longer belongs to me
Crossroads creatures hiding in the dark

Singing sweetly like a lark

Voices sweet with sick intent

They will blow out your light in an instant

Beware the deals you think to make

There will be no escape

Make a deal; kiss to seal

Unfortunately for you 

Demons only make deals

When they know that they will win

Authors blurb: lots and lots of Supernatural binge watching influenced this one. Sorry. 😳


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