Mary Redd Is Dead

Mary had a little lamb
Whose heart was black as coal
It crept into her room one night

And ate her fucking soul

See the lamb was not a lamb

And safe her cross did not keep her

From the evil that is a man

Or from the twisted laughter

Now bouncing in her head

Mary lost her innocence

The wolf lost nothing that night in her bed

Mary has been frightened ever since

Her heart so ravaged and raw

Then one night she took a stand

She loaded her shotgun and leveled her shaking hand

At the shadow displayed against her wall

As she blew out the wolves’ brain

Mary felt nothing at all

And now she puts on her red dress

Each night Mary loads her gun

And as she walks the bloody streets 

She sets those wolves on the run

Mary learned the hardest lesson yet

Don’t trust a lamb; A wolf is all you’ll get

But she now vows no little lamb 

will ever have to suffer

Like she did

That long ago night she relives in her head
Authors blurb: innocence is the easiest thing to lose because it’s the only thing evil people want to take. Living afterwards can turn you into a demon or a broken angel. As a lover of all urban fantasy (really, kick ass women with a dark past and penchant for sexy men? Yes please) I’ve had this mock up of Mary had a little lamb and Red riding hood knocking around in my head for awhile now. I Hope it twists your insides a little at the same time it makes you angry. 


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