Not a love story

Sweat is dewing on our skin

The air is wearing thin

His lips taste sweet

The room is full of heat

His hands are strong

It’s been so long

I shiver with anticipation

This is a delicious sin

I am impatient

But he is potent

He is taking his time

His smile is torture on mine

His very touch is hot

I don’t remember why I fought

Against this from the start

This isn’t an affair of the heart

Instead it is carnal need

A dark part of me I must feed

The motion of his hips against mine

All I can do is gasp and sigh

I need more

I want more

I have been lonely so long

I forgot how to be a woman

I forgot that primal song

It forges anew

Here with me and you

It will never be enough

Authors blurb: sexual desire is so strong and intense. It’s a feeling that can ruin you. A feeling that can buoy you. Never be ashamed of your sexuality. Embrace it. Accept it. Feed it. 😏


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