The Broken Ones

Broken people find each other

It’s evolution to see that darkness in another

We recognize our own kind

With briefest meeting- without any sign

We read the shadows within the eye

We don’t fall for a well practiced lie

Broken people know each other

Their souls greet each other

All we need is the briefest glimpse

It falls under our developed sense

The one born of blood and hate

We live with a heightened state

Broken people find each other

Despite our desire to avoid one another

We don’t speak of shared traumas

We do not trade each other dramas

We try so hard to pretend to be normal

We live our lives, we make them full

We know that time is limited

We always say, ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead!’

Our beautific smiles hide the truth

Of existence won- by nail, by tooth

Broken people know one another

Even though we pretend

We see nothing

We know

Authors blurb: if you understand this it needs no explanation. If you don’t then no amount of explaining will make it make sense.


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