Paying rent in other’s minds 

When you think you aren’t good enough

And when the world has beaten you low

There is something to remember

Something you should know

Someone in your past has tears 

For the chance to love you that they lost

Someone in your present

Wishes they had been stronger 

And regrets each night they feel their loss

Someone recalls your memory 

And a mistake is all they see

Someone trembles with the need to speak

Another looks into your eyes and curses you as an enemy

Someone smiles blithely to hide jealous rage

Someone else must wrestle their emotions into a cage

For each moment you feel alone

There is someone who wishes they could pick up the phone

And hear your voice on the other end

Each time you feel ugly

Someone is wishing to be you, my friend

Someone wishes you were in their bed

The lesson here that you should learn

Is no matter what your right to live has to be earned

If others give you lodging

Within their troubled minds

Smile sweetly

And recall

The fact that now you are mine

You may not be aware

Of the strength, the love, the peace you share

Or the way your temper ignites like a flare 

But when others think of you

You know

Leaving an impression

Is something natural for you

That’s why you take up space in everybody’s mind


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