The curse of the sea green eyes

Ever changing as the sea
A piece of wild ocean bequeathed to me

When her demons saw what they had done

They had to have one last bit of fun

Whispers of waves just beyond hearing

The lilt of sea shanties so daring

The beauty of eyes showing soul shining bright

Cursed to be alone at night

Reaching across the slick covers

Fingers searching for a lover

Not sure who she wishes was there

But coming awake to find her fingertips bare

Angels or Demons, who can tell them apart

Neither has what we would call a heart

Watching from shadows, from corners and nooks

Watching as sea green eyes devoured book after book

Dreaming of freedom and beauty and strength

Fighting day in and day out without thanks

Her heart whispers lullabies of a second set of eyes

But she found that all the stories were lies

The curse of the sea green eyes

To believe in all of those beautiful lies

The perfect example of strength and sweetness 

tempered by tough times and yet still reaches

Too independent too strong and outspoken

What it took to survive now others see as broken

I’m not broken, I’m not lost

I’m beautiful because of my flaws

I will not change the beauty I am. 

I fought too hard to be me 

I fought for my right to live and live free

To discover who I am supposed to be

The girl cursed with eyes green like the sea

If I am too strong too brave 

If you cannot see how my soul does crave

To be held close with a whispered breath

Lips against my ear saying, “tonight,

You don’t have to have strength,

Tonight you don’t have to be brave. 

Tonight I am what your soul craves”

Then these sea green eyes are not for you

The curse shall carry me forward to the men who do
Authors blurb: so the dating world has sucked ass lately. I keep hearing the same thing: you are just too independent. I need someone who needs me. I don’t want a woman who would kick my ass. Well newsflash: I’m delicate fucking flower. Dammit. Well I have to say I’m tired of hearing I’m not needy enough. Really guys. Get it together out there. 


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