If words were only ink and papyrus

Or delights of air and music

If words were simply exhalations of sound

Then lonely would be only noise in the background

Instead lonely is stretching aching fingers across the sheets

Caressing empty space in bed

Not knowing who you want there

Only wishing it was someone’s curve instead

Sadness is turning to share a laugh

And finding only your shadow

If only words were empty and light

Blown over dales and valleys and out of sight

Then anger could not fight

Fury would mean nothing more

Than simply coasting quietly out the door

If I found they had no weight

They carried no heartache

And simply wasted wisps of wanton breath

I would have no words

To describe how my heart leaps for joy

And pounds like auld cracking toys

Words were they so hollow and useless 

would be no good for delight

For sharing secrets in the night,

Pillow talk and little whispers

Instead I have found words carry perpetual motion

Ever growing with each new motion

Tripping tipsy off my tongue

For anger, laughter, under moon and sun

I find things preposterous and exhilarating

I feel homesick and hostile and sometimes hateful too

Words can make me sing or fly

Make me want to crawl away and hide

They set me free and chain me down

These tiny little mouthfuls of sound

Your words can gift me a smile

Urge me to go the extra mile 

Next time you sharpen your words on me

Remember that while words are free

To take them back is a hefty fee


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