Autumn rain scent follows me in

He is standing at my counter

The man I want among all men

How did I get so blessed; and by what gods

To earn the love of him?

He cherishes my heart

He marvels at my spirit

He protects my fragile soul

His icy eyes are a labyrinth 

His hands rough and strong

My soldiers’ heart beats fast and true

How can my world be brighter

The sounds beautiful and new

An earth full of adventure

Lands of which I’ve seen too few

He beckons me with a feisty grin

Bliss is the state my heart will be

As long as I am with him

We follow where the other leads

Our hearts in infinite spin

Authors blurb: to be in love. 


Growing Up

My life was made of flaws

Stitched together with good intentions

The world had me pinned with claws

For dues that were not my sin

I cannot be a praying lass

My heart no longer beats that speed

You can’t have a soul of glass

In a world full of petty greed

Then who should slip into my heart

So sudden, you were there

I wasn’t slow; I wasn’t smart

And somehow I don’t care

I cannot live without you

I do not know how I ever did

My joy to find them true

The fairytales of soulmates I heard as a kid

Failed loves upon failed lives

A chance to live again

A life with you

A love with you

A happy ever after

I never knew was there

Worth every failure

Worth every fear

Worth every single tear

I wouldn’t change a single thing in my life

Because it’s all worth it now to have you near

Authors blurb: I call this growing up because I finally realized that even after all the terrible things I went through… I wouldn’t go back in time and change it. I wouldn’t even consider it. I wouldn’t dare change a thing for fear of it taking away what I have now. 

something sexy about the rain

There’s something sexy about the rain. When I hear the shimmer hit the rooftop I want to take your hand and run out into the dark. I want to feel the whisper of god’s breath and cleanse my soul under the tears of stars. I am the universe when I stand under the lightning. I am the wind singing in the trickles and the earth under the deluge. There’s something sexy about the rain. It releases a spark I keep held inside and a feral glint hidden in my eye. I slip out into the storm; I escape my bonds for a time. I feel the tingle of anticipation when those first whispers of precipitation stalk into my lungs. If I could run away into the rain I would never need a sunset. I shiver with my heart bare under the weightless wash of water. There’s something sexy about the rain. I feel a yearning to become a misty spirit traveling far and away. I find a love amongst the rain I can find nowhere else. I find an answer, a question, a call. I feel at once so large and so small. I feel more than myself and less than I am. I find a simple wisdom in the fall. My heart beats along with the roar of the hush because there is something sexy about the rain.

Authors blurb: this is about eight years old. I wrote it one morning very early as I listened to the rain outside hotel windows. I hated my life and I felt trapped. but when it rained, oh when it rained… I felt like freedom was somewhere close just waiting for me.