Growing Up

My life was made of flaws

Stitched together with good intentions

The world had me pinned with claws

For dues that were not my sin

I cannot be a praying lass

My heart no longer beats that speed

You can’t have a soul of glass

In a world full of petty greed

Then who should slip into my heart

So sudden, you were there

I wasn’t slow; I wasn’t smart

And somehow I don’t care

I cannot live without you

I do not know how I ever did

My joy to find them true

The fairytales of soulmates I heard as a kid

Failed loves upon failed lives

A chance to live again

A life with you

A love with you

A happy ever after

I never knew was there

Worth every failure

Worth every fear

Worth every single tear

I wouldn’t change a single thing in my life

Because it’s all worth it now to have you near

Authors blurb: I call this growing up because I finally realized that even after all the terrible things I went through… I wouldn’t go back in time and change it. I wouldn’t even consider it. I wouldn’t dare change a thing for fear of it taking away what I have now. 


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