Not what you think…

I feel the push, the drive, the need
I stare and wish and watch others with greed

They make it look easy, simple, fun

For the love of god I feel like I have none

My mind is stale, empty, blank

Every intelligent thought sank

Under the weight of my fear and distress

Why so difficult-is this a surprise test?

I’m screaming inside

Beating my fists against walls

But nothing happens

It’s worse than the pain of cracking your shin

I’ve been asked to do it…

Why can I not?

It flows so fast, so hard, so hot..

And then it stops. 

Writers block is such a routine hitch 

Nothing worse than missing a stitch

In the flow, the rhyme, the..the.. 

Son of a bitch. 
Authors blurb: I hate writers block. The absolute impossible to ignore NEED to write and nothing you want comes out. It’s all gibberish and suddenly you have something even if it wasn’t what you wanted. Like this. 🙂 


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