Cydney’s Story

In the beginning when the air was new, the mountains fresh and the sky a brilliant hue we of this age have never seen, Mother earth gave birth to a beautiful son.

He had dark hair the color of fresh loam and skin like new mint leaves and white wings akin to clouds. He was a son of the Earth and Sky in every way and his mother loved him the most of all her sons and daughters as did everyone who met him. He grew to be strong and handsome.

Soon, Brother Wind became jealous of the baby brother, and desired to lay a curse on him. He sent crows and ravens to pluck the feathers from his wings, and in the process they scarred his face horribly. Satisfied that his work was finished, for who would now want this ugly, scarred, brother of the earth now? Brother Wind ran back to his cave in the mountains and hid.

When Mother Earth found her bleeding and beaten young son she wept and the sky wept, the ocean swelled and keened and the sun hid his face. They all came together and in a rage they cursed the Brother Wind, causing him to be forever on the run, for if they ever caught him he would die a thousand deaths.

Brother Wind went into hiding, beginning a run that would last until the end of time. Then they all cried as if the beloved son were dead.

Father Time, keeper of the nether realms heard their keening and admonished them, “The boy is not dead, for this should you not rejoice?” But they only sobbed all the harder and pointed to the scars and the skeleton wings of the boy laying curled under their gaze, broken and hurt. Father Time shook his head sadly. “Son you have learned the lesson it takes many lifetimes to learn, often life is not easy or fair, and it always leaves scars behind. Now for the second lesson, there is life after the death of naivety.”

Father time then made a hard decision; he gave the sad son a golden watch. “This shall help you in the task that your life shall now be devoted to. Having had such a hard lesson, and bearing the scars, I think you can be compassionate and kind enough to help others.” The son did not think this at all but kept this counsel to himself, knowing how wise Father Time was and having no other options for himself but disgraced death.

“Son you shall escort the dead and dying on their last journey to Peace.” The Son found this to be an unfair task as he could never imagine himself to be at peace with the world again.
Rather than reject his task he bowed his head and agreed. 
Mother Earth made a cloak and gave it to her son to cover the horrible scars, a cloak all the colors of the earth. Rich browns and greens with subtle yellows and blues. Brother Sun provided a weapon to protect himself with and so that nothing could bar his way. Sister Sea bestowedwhat little peace and healing she could on his on his soul​ and body. 

 Before leaving him Father Time made a solemn promise to the Son, that one day he would find a companion who understood his soul and didn’t see his scars, only his beauty. A wonderful soul mate who would understand his pain and help to assuage it. And when he did, the clock would cease to tick, he would lay down his scythe and take her up from death, and together they would dance through time and beyond to love and happiness.

The ceasing of the clock would be heralded by 3 doves, warned Father Time, and the son must always be on the lookout, with an open heart and mind. As his last parting words to the battered soul of the Broken Son, Father Time said, “Three things to remember, Time heals all things. This too shall pass. And it is ok to be broken.” And bearing this advice the Broken Son did his duties and brought peace to infinite numbers, helping to soothe and ease their transition. And one day, in his darkest moments of self doubt, the son was visited by three doves, just as he heard the watch cease to tick…

Authors blurb: this was written and illustrated for a dear friend who had been through some terrible things in her life. I took her story, her tattoos and her (then fiancé) husbands grim reaper tattoos, I twisted them together to make a fantasy story. I gave it to them as a wedding gift. 


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