Mother Earth

Thank you Mother for the Earth

For the green life all around

For the promise of rebirth

In you, all love is found


Thank you Father for the sunlight

And the four winds in the skies

They energize and empower me

So with you my spirit flies


Thank you Sister for the beauty

And the moonlight up above

From within me and around me

They embrace me with your love


Thank you Brother for your kindness

Compassion is your nature

I hear your lonely call

And I understand my fellow creature


Thank you Father, thank you Mother

For the wonders found each day

For the chance to know and serve you

For the gifts of love and play


Thank you Brother, thank you Sister

For your loyalty and Guidance

And the kinship that we share

In this life through which we dance


Authors blurb: for a friend of mine, Stephanie, who follows the natural paths and would harm none.


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