Tomorrow’s Children

Running through the forest
Fleeing through the fields

Running through red riots

Feeling every fearful kill
Shifting through the shadows

Silent as the dead

Wander as a whisper

Reaching on the wind
Slither softly through the cities

Hide among the searing bright

Murder loudly in the shadows

Of the never ending night
The children of tomorrow

Cry before you as you live

They beg you, please, if only

A moment you can give
The earth is badly breaking

Under heavy angry greed

The green is ever shrinking

Under every thoughtless deed
We watch you and we wait

To see what you will do

How will you break our coming

In ways terrible and new
There is no other home

No place for us to go

If you destroy the one you own

With the seeds you right now sow
The legacy you won’t be leaving

The echoes we will never hear

The remains of a race gone nuclear

You think to leave to us so dear
The children of tomorrow near

With every dusk and dawn

Already polluted with suffering instilled

By your blatant refusal to heal
To save our world,

The human race,

The waters and the skies

How cold a comfort will diamonds be

As tomorrow’s children die

Authors blurb: it seems like we are so set on destroying the world around us in so many ways.. Emotionally as well as physically, then there is pollution, and wanton destruction…. What are we leaving for the future? Does anyone care anymore? Or is it all political bullshit. Or Climbing the corporate ladder. Or whatever your version of hurting the earth or life may be. I miss nature every moment I am inside. I’ve felt it heal me. Comfort me.  I feel it call to me. Do you? Do we understand what we are destroying? Or how we destroy ourselves and one another? This is not the legacy I want for my children tomorrow. Just really thinking about the world and karmic ideals a lot. Are humans incapable of planning, changing, strategizing?

of letting each other live in peace? IMG_0630


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