My Wild

Have you ever had a moment? A moment where you felt surreal and separate from the world? As if, for just a breath, you dropped any pretense at being one with anyone or anything and became almost an animalistic singular? As if, for just a moment, a switch was flipped in your biology and you felt as if you had more in common with the Wild animal inside of you than you did humanity? It seems as if sometimes these moments, these breaths of time find us. And give us a glimpse of what humanity could’ve been, or might have been, or perhaps still lurks behind our humanity. Time froze for a breath of eternity this morning. The light bright and the air crisp. My windows were down and Marilyn Mansion crooned to me about sweet dreams as I crested a hill on my way to work. Everything stopped. And I simply existed. The sun wore a thick smoky shroud of fog which licked suggestively beyond the glaring orb to the abnormally blue sky above. The trees stood as dark sentries while dissolving into distance. Dew sparkled across the landscape like a lovers sweat beaded skin. As I descended the hill, fog curled in my windows and reached into my lungs. I smelled the mist and I was hungry for half forgotten memories hidden within my genes. The sunshine made golden the gray shadows drifting across the road; coyly playing hide and seek in the trees. Instincts for playful wildness tug my soul to join the hidden world running rampant beyond my doors. Just within the fog, Faerie calls, tempting me to run. I know deep down as I roll my windows up and shudder back into my skin that I may play tame for the sake of the world… But my wild knows your wild. And nature calls for us to play.