Sand man, please…

Sandman please come sing to me. 

But please dear friend don’t let me dream. 

Tonight I beg just for peaceful rest. 

My heart wont hold up, I must confess, 

to what ends up another broken, dreadful mess.

 Send those dreams to younger souls.

 Let them keep them in tight holds. 

But please my dear don’t make me dream. 

Give me oblivion’s sweet kiss; 

for the night let me have this. 

Sandman you who know me through and through, 

my darkest nights, my starkest truths, know this to be true. 

So send me to sleep like a tired star. 

Turn out my light, feel my breathing deepen and stretch so far.. 

Sandman spin some dust to me. 

 Please, please tonight just let me be.