The night brings noises like a rattle and hiss
A feeling of memory- a cup pouring bones- from my gypsy ancestress

I am so many histories; filled to the brim
My willowy build strong but slim

The musical notes I hear from a far row
Awaken the Russian, buried deep in my soul

My daughter looks Irish but with my tight curled hair
Her skin with less sun, more pale and fair

The sweat full of salt you could taste on my skin
Reminds me my pumping heart is Puerto Rican

I am searching and hunting to find these bits and bobs
To find the connection of which I often feel robbed

So many pieces that seem they conflict
But when blended within me, they seem to connect

I am no single strand
I am a new brand

I feel stronger when I am my blended self
I am fierce when I take my instincts off the shelf

I feel the pieces mixing inside
Creating an adventure to take my soul on a ride

And on the way
If I find a few more
Ancestors to light my way
I will welcome them home
To stay in my soul
Forever and a day

Authors blurb:

One of my dearest friends is an insanely fun mix of genetic ancestry. I am on the hunt for myself genetically so of course i felt the urge to write about it and borrowed her for a bit. One question we always ask: who are we?


The Midnight Storm

It’s raining; It’s pouring
So softly you are snoring 

You are warm against my breast

Milk sweetly scents your breath

My chair creaks and cracks

There is nothing this moment lacks

Together we rock in wee hours of the night 

And everything in my world is just right

You are growing so quickly 

But you only just met me

I am not ready for the morning light

So for now, to me held tight,

We rock together in the dead of night 

As you sleep so soundly 

And the storm keeps pounding 

I hold you to my heart, my little one

My darling son

My Wild

Have you ever had a moment? A moment where you felt surreal and separate from the world? As if, for just a breath, you dropped any pretense at being one with anyone or anything and became almost an animalistic singular? As if, for just a moment, a switch was flipped in your biology and you felt as if you had more in common with the Wild animal inside of you than you did humanity? It seems as if sometimes these moments, these breaths of time find us. And give us a glimpse of what humanity could’ve been, or might have been, or perhaps still lurks behind our humanity. Time froze for a breath of eternity this morning. The light bright and the air crisp. My windows were down and Marilyn Mansion crooned to me about sweet dreams as I crested a hill on my way to work. Everything stopped. And I simply existed. The sun wore a thick smoky shroud of fog which licked suggestively beyond the glaring orb to the abnormally blue sky above. The trees stood as dark sentries while dissolving into distance. Dew sparkled across the landscape like a lovers sweat beaded skin. As I descended the hill, fog curled in my windows and reached into my lungs. I smelled the mist and I was hungry for half forgotten memories hidden within my genes. The sunshine made golden the gray shadows drifting across the road; coyly playing hide and seek in the trees. Instincts for playful wildness tug my soul to join the hidden world running rampant beyond my doors. Just within the fog, Faerie calls, tempting me to run. I know deep down as I roll my windows up and shudder back into my skin that I may play tame for the sake of the world… But my wild knows your wild. And nature calls for us to play.


Tension builds. It fills your back, your neck, your face. Hands clench around the wheel until the leather creaks and cracks. You feel it building deep inside-all of those primal emotions you have tried to hide. You feel the heated waves leak through your careful mask. There is a brief pull to look down and you are hurtling through the black night at 110 miles per hour. I have no guardian angel but even if I did he couldn’t catch me. Stars hide and the moon cries. Those boiling tensions roll up as your inner demons peer from between your lashes. What would they see if they looked into your eyes right now? You know they would feel fear. In that moment they step back, murmur a prayer, cross their heart. .. but in this moment, in this moment your windows disappear and the wind screams inside. A choked roar tears from your throat. A throttled, boxed, hidden secret that you feel from your toes to the star kissed gossamer wings unfurling from your shoulders. You laugh and you scream And you laugh some more. This is freedom. Free to be angry, free to be sad, free to be purely insanely mad. Rage- passion- hurt -destroyed- forgotten- besotten- all of it matters so much and so… not. In this moment you are free to be. For Once, I wish and I wish to be.
Authors blurb: this is the night my life changed forever. The night I left my husband, my self esteem issues, my worthlessness,  my hate, my need, my unrequited love from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood.. It was all gone as I broke the invisible barrier holding me back: myself.  And on that empty highway  as i cried and screamed and cursed I learned I wanted to LIVE. 


Is that my heart or yours?

Baby they’re one and the same.

They could never be the same after this.

This love we’ve built together

Is enough to make us stronger

–Help us last longer—

Love, is that my heart or yours?


One heart

One essence

Two beats as one

Two soul mates

One heart…


Damn we can never be the same

Your presence is now forever in my mind

It lingers every time

Even when you’re far away

I hear your breath

Within my own chest.

And once again you are near.

Mother Earth

Thank you Mother for the Earth

For the green life all around

For the promise of rebirth

In you, all love is found


Thank you Father for the sunlight

And the four winds in the skies

They energize and empower me

So with you my spirit flies


Thank you Sister for the beauty

And the moonlight up above

From within me and around me

They embrace me with your love


Thank you Brother for your kindness

Compassion is your nature

I hear your lonely call

And I understand my fellow creature


Thank you Father, thank you Mother

For the wonders found each day

For the chance to know and serve you

For the gifts of love and play


Thank you Brother, thank you Sister

For your loyalty and Guidance

And the kinship that we share

In this life through which we dance


Authors blurb: for a friend of mine, Stephanie, who follows the natural paths and would harm none.


I stand within the Flames; they cannot touch me.

Their long white tongues only tickle my bare arms;

Trickle like water along the skin of my calves.

They swim before my eyes, beckoning enticingly.

The Song of Gabriel is in my mind.

My peasants dress is smooth a cool.

These ropes that bind me turn to soft gray ashes

Sifting softly down my long white fingers.

The tall wooden stake is strong—I gently lay my hand upon it

And it gives with a deafening crack,

Throwing to the heavens a dazzling display of fire sparks.

As the Flames lovingly enfold me

Their brilliance is that of the Lord.

I pity the fools who put me here as a witch,


For I go as a Martyr to God.


My sun drenched skin is comfortably hot. My clothes are loose and light. I listen to the leaves as the wind slips among them. A tress of my hair is gently played out across the rock face. A sprig of honeysuckle tumbles against my cheek. Slowly…Lazily… I arch my back and stretch like a cat. He laughs and his fingers graze my lips as he brushes the strands from my face. I smile into his eyes. My gaze travels to the trees towering above us; the rough bark is papery and dry. The leaves are high and far away. I sigh and snuggle closer to him. His arms tighten and he kisses me lightly on the tip of my nose. I smile and close my eyes, floating deeper into this sun-soaked paradise.

One and the same

I sit cross-legged upon the forest floor. The thick ash trunks stand sentry above. The oak are my protectors. The rest are my warm and withdrawn companions. The wind gently eases across my face; it fingers my hair and sighs in my lungs. The faded light is tender on my eyes. The sun plays complex dapples across the thick green grass, as soft as a baby’s blanket. The birds are vague twitters, much closer to the sun. A cunning little fox meets me, gaze for gaze. We never break eyes. Without fear she trots up to me. Placing a paw on my chest she looks deep inside me, only a breath away. Her whiskers tickle my cheeks and I smile. She makes a sly grin and lightly touches her nose to mine, agreeing we are one and the same. Suddenly she is gone. I fade once more into my world.


It is like falling in an endless well
When I lose myself into those depths

I am surrounded by nothing but you

I am warm

I am safe

I am well

It is like being so completely content

I know that nothing else exists

I am surrounded by nothing but you

I am comfortable

I am happy

Life is made so suddenly simple

Nothing else but you