Come Back

Didymus is dead

Ludo is lost

Hoggle is hurt

The forest is burned

The castle has paid the cost

The Labyrinth is bare

The wonder is dross

The castle has paid this high, high cost

Magic is maligned

Love is misused

The castle has paid this cost

The King sits alone

Upon his great throne

Dreaming of the Lost; his cost

Where is the one

Upon whom all was gambled

Who passed every test

The cost; The loss

The Labyrinth needed a Queen

The Queen needed their love

Where did it all go wrong

Is it too late

Will she remember

Will she return

Oh, what a dreadful cost

Is love

When lost

Authors blurb: I wrote this as a two part writing about The Labyrinth, one of my favorite movies. It’s twisted it’s dark and not as innocent as it seems. This writing is about what happened in the Labyrinth world when she left. How it fell apart and crumbled because she couldn’t be what they needed her to be.


Return Me Please

I feel the movement of their world upon my skin

The haunting murmurs of their voices in the wind

I taste the kiss

I have no right to miss

I made a mistake

And it makes my heart ache

The chance of my life

And ties to this world slit with a knife

I did not know

If I had gone just a little more slow

Taken the time to listen

If I had looked behind the facade then,

I would have understood

I know, I know I would

I was young – I was rash

My mind a foolish, jumbled crash

Of confusion – of fury

Now I am so sorry

I wait for the Owl to call outside my window

I beg the stars to hang low

So that I may grasp tight

I only want my chance to fight

For the future I did not know I lost

And I would pay any cost

Please, my King

Come back for me

Your Queen is all alone

I would atone

For the world I left behind

The whispers in my mind

Ask for my return

I can learn

I can make amends

I can make him happy; My King of the Goblins
Authors blurb: This is one of a pair of writings I made based on The Labyrinth. I love this movie. It’s dark; it’s twisted and it’s innocence is suspect. I imagined after she left she must have realized what a fool she was and spent her life looking for a way to return.