Dreamless, I Beg Thee

A dreamless sleep I beg thee
Don’t send dreams to wake me
Do not disturb my peaceful rest
Let me ride that dark crest
Into mornings burning light
Where the sunshine is bright
Where unforgiving day begins
Where resting innocence ends
Just let me sleep
Your dreams you should keep
For others not so jaded as I
For now I know the truth-they are a lie
Your dreams they cut and they hurt
You might as well pack wounds with dirt
Impossible ideals and perfect pasts
These perverted natures do not last
For once awake again I know
And pain comes again just like the blow
That broke my everlasting trust
Leaving my heart trampled in the dust
So let my sleep be quiet
Let it be a peaceful rest
No dreams to crush this tired heart
Just healing sleep for a brand new start

Authors thoughts: This was written late one night after a hard break up. I was lonely, exhausted, I was tired of everything especially dreams and wanted simply to sleep and sleep deeply.


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