Wild Heart

Wild Heart harken to me, do you remember how to sing? Do words bubble forth from your throat only to stop and make you choke? Wild Heart, darling, spread those wings! Forget foolish clay-like things! You are more than those below, so why do you trudge so slow? Wild Heart, my love, leap forth and flee from this world that threatens to drown thee! Wild Heart you are so young and bold! Do not huddle and shiver as if cold. You know you are more so why do you cry? Hawks care not that mice lie.

Wild Heart you lay so still. Your wings are torn and bloodied like kill. Wild Heart, who hurt you so? Your voice is harsher than the crow. Wild Heart, pitiful, broken, sad, Wild Heart surely it isn’t all bad. Dear one you have lost your wings but feet can still run. Wild Heart you are so young.

I am Wild of Heart, this river is my tears. When doors close, opportunities appear. But no one said those doors often close in your fears. The gods forget to open windows. Doors continue fading, closing, ending. Your wings are broken and dragging, leaking hope with every step. The long empty hall is simply a representation of the debt, that you owe on others’ tabs. When did I become prey when I was born to make the kill? How is being prey such a well learned skill? Keep eyes down low, hands are loose and hidden. Jump as you are bid. Keep that simmering anger hidden.

Authors blurb: Simply a quest writing. Questioning myself and my life and where I am.


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