One and the same

I sit cross-legged upon the forest floor. The thick ash trunks stand sentry above. The oak are my protectors. The rest are my warm and withdrawn companions. The wind gently eases across my face; it fingers my hair and sighs in my lungs. The faded light is tender on my eyes. The sun plays complex dapples across the thick green grass, as soft as a baby’s blanket. The birds are vague twitters, much closer to the sun. A cunning little fox meets me, gaze for gaze. We never break eyes. Without fear she trots up to me. Placing a paw on my chest she looks deep inside me, only a breath away. Her whiskers tickle my cheeks and I smile. She makes a sly grin and lightly touches her nose to mine, agreeing we are one and the same. Suddenly she is gone. I fade once more into my world.


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