Better Footprints

One night I dreamed i walked along the beach; the breath of the waves keeping time with the memories of my life. I walked, watching my existence shimmer against the stars. As the memories finished and began to simply reflect my journey across the sands I turned to look back across the land from which I came. I saw my own footprints in the sand. Sometimes they wandered too close to the tide and sometimes they wavered from the direction I needed to go. Occasionally they skipped a step or sometimes seemed to lose their way. Now and then they were accompanied by other footprints that flowed beside mine for a time before continuing their own way. I saw that the footprints I left were not always where I wanted them to be. Sometimes they were deep and far apart as if running from my fears. Other times they were close together as if I lingered in my tears. I saw steps where I danced and steps where I leaped. Always moving forward. All along the sands of my time I saw footsteps that were mine. They never stopped even when dragging with exhaustion. They never disappeared because someone carried me. They never failed, because through my own strength, I never once failed me.

Authors blurb:

I’m not religious and the typical footprints always pissed me off to no end. So I rewrote it.


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