Fork in the Road

A fresh new start

A pounding heart

A frightening chance arises

With the break of dawn

You dont have long

To pick between the prizes

The offer is on the table

To take if you are able

Now is your chance to shine

A birthday wish

Sealed with a kiss

Can it make you mine?

A fork in the road

Beware the seed you sow

This only happens once

Left or right

Dont use sight

Trust your heart this once

Take that step

Take a deep breath

And run

And you know which one

Your heart cant live without

Authors blurb: there are magical moments where time stands still and you have a moment, just a breath to make a choice. Those moments leave you reeling and frightened and exhilarated. They can leave you in the same old rut or sling you into a new adventure.


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