Who Are Your People

The Wind, while traveling the earth, saw many amazing things that caused her much awe and happiness. However, she saw one thing that made her lonely and envious. This was a thing called family. The Wind saw groups of people who lived together and took care of one another. They loved each other. These groups were called families. The Wind also wished for a family to love. She came to a place full of serene beauty. A place where fire trailed in rainbows across the sky and smooth white snow glowed beneath the moonlight. In this place the ice flowed from blue to green and back again. The lonely Wind molded a child’s shape from the snow. She chose two of her favorite pieces of ever-changing blue-green ice and placed them above glowing white cheeks. Then she grasped the tail of the sky fire and draped it about the snow child’s shoulders. Feeling her own heartbeat she was inspired and plucked a firefly from far lands. She placed the tiny fire within the child’s breast. Before the glow could fade she pulled the call of a she wolf from the tangles of her cloak and placed it upon the lips of the snow figure. Leaning close she blew her own life into the lungs of the snow girl. With a flutter of her ice eyes and a sigh the snow girl came to life. The Wind was no longer lonely and had a family of her own. The Wind and her child lived happily. They traveled, they wandered, they lived free and wild. One dark day, Raven caught a glimpse of the snow child. He immediately, as black winged thieves will, decided he must steal her away for himself. He waited until Wind was not attending her snow child fully, and he grasped the child and flew far and fast. But the child became heavy, Raven was tired, cross, and easily distracted. When he saw a twinkle in the distance he simply forgot the poor snow child, loosing her from his claws he flew far and fast away, the snow child plummeted to the ground. She landed within the land of a wicked witch who stole the child’s she-wolf voice, smothered the child’s firefly heart, and dimmed the glow of her fiery hair. But the intelligent little daughter of the wind never let her heart go out. Instead she let it smolder, deep and warm inside. She stole stories from the evil witches library to learn from. One day, she defeated the evil witch and escaped. But in doing so the witch cast one last spell. A curse to make the little snow child human. When the wind found her daughter she wept and mourned. As a human girl her child could no longer fly with her mother through the westerly drafts or frigid northern blasts. She couldn’t even hear the winds voice anymore. She could only feel the wind kiss her cheek and stroke her hair. The Wind, desiring to care for her daughter in the only way she could, searched long and hard for a family that would love and cherish the girl. She  gently guided her lost daughter through many difficult trials and heartache, whispering strength and love into the snow girls ear. It took her awhile, but she found a small, dedicated family. And she fell in love with them in ways that didn’t seem possible.  When things were hard they cared for one another, when times were tough they loved one another. They all had a home in one another’s heart and the snow child was never lonely again, and the wind followed her always, keeping watch over her.

Authors blurb: everyone wants to know who your people are. Ugh. Sometimes you don’t want to tell. So instead I turned my life into a fairytale. People tend to think I’m a special kind of different but they still love the story.


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