Falling is a Fear

Falling is a fear I hold. Deep inside my chest. I feel the shiver every time a fragile bird leaves her nest. Falling is so fast and final. Not a moment to step back. Do not dance along the edge, the next step the last. I do not fall I will not let myself reach the moment on the edge, when a single tear that holds a world can take you from that rest. Falling is a fearful end to an independent heart. Every fall will leave a scar and never heal but always smart. You think you are finished falling, you are in danger never more. But suddenly there’s someone knocking at your door. You know better than to open it. You know the abyss is waiting. Balance calls for silence. But part of the willing sacrifice is anticipating, that delicious shimmering moment. When the sun caresses your face. As the earth lifts you high. Scent rain on the wind and know you are near the end. To call it a fall is not accurate at all. I would say it is more like dying and flying as your heart beats your soul raw.

Authors blurb: who isn’t afraid of falling?


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