Even before I met you… You were my world. 

Your eyes remind me of the Alaskan sea

Never had I seen such as these

They are the same as the day I stood on the beach

bundled in my warmest clothes

Watching the stormy skies play across the waves

The ever deepening greatest blues

Dark beside the lighter shimmers

Your soul is the night I watched the Aurora

The tail of the green fires trailing across the mountain pyres…

Mysterious and beautiful and exciting

Your heart is the night I watched the hoar frost form under the full moon

First it was shards of glass floating through the air

Then it gathered and dressed the world in thick frozen glimmers

You are my magic; my favorite memory

Your arms are the safest, warmest home

Your voice is comfort and love

You overwhelm my mind; My heart is filled with you

In all the world I never expected to find

My soulmate to be so wondrous and true

I never expected it could be someone like you


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