Blue Dawn

I want to run away. To feel the pavement pound beneath my shoes. I need the ache in my chest as I breathe deep of chill air. I need the blood to accelerate and rush through my veins. My heart to pump and shiver and pound in time with the heat inside. It will be early morn. In the time of the blue dawn, that time when the land stands still in the moment when night is not quite gone. The shadows and the light are the same substance and depth. The air is murky with secrets and the birds silent. The only sound is the distant roar of dawn on my heels with night forging ahead while sucking the air behind. I will not pause to think or feel afraid. I will be my Beast finally. We will not be seperate entities but together just the same. Our heart will burst free and our lungs fill just as fastly. Our muscles elongate and pull with sharp, hard movements. Our steps echoing forward into the night and back to the dawn. My teeth will show in a feral grin. The breath of possibilities quiver against my skin. I don’t know where I am going but I am on my way. I want to run away. If I can be fast enough, if I can be brave enough, this time I won’t miss my Blue Dawn.

Authors blurb: this is about taking those moments that come so rare and not missing them. When I was a child out in the BFE  of Oklahoma I would escape and watch the summer dawns. Some mornings would be my elusive blue dawn, a moment before the sun came up, when it was quiet, murky, and the world was awash in a dim blue light that was pure magic.


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