I hunger for his human touch

I want his flesh on mine

I ache inside; so deep inside

I need release so much

I see where I dare not cross that line

And so I try to hide

How much I long

For his lips on mine

For him to take me

Just as the radio repeats the song

I repeat the mantra in my mind

‘Do not listen. Flee, flee, flee.’

But I am lonely

I crave being wanted

I need to be taken, now

What I would give to be free

To feel satiated, well fed

On touch, sight, sound…

I want hot

I want hard

I want it now

How long I have fought

My fight could be sold by a bard

I want it now, and how

Furious at being loyal

Sick of being chaste

No more can I stand this

To hear the rip of foil

I simply want a taste

My dreams do not fulfill this
Authors blurb: I was in a marriage with a man who wanted nothing to do with me because I was over weight. He was cruel. Since the divorce I have lost sixty-five pounds and earned an orange belt in taekwondo. But there is nothing worse than knowing that someone won’t touch you and is disgusted by you. I was contemplating an affair during the writing of this. Don’t judge me too harshly, I had been four years without sex with my husband and by that point I was starved for any positive attention. The affair didn’t happen. But the pain and shame from that time still haunt me.


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