When you hear that phrase from a women’s lips

Often it seems like a record that skips

Men get disgusted and women bristle

You might as well arm a nuclear missile

Everyone thinks that everyone knows

How the mantra of a strong, independent woman goes

Well it’s different for me

It means I’m free, listen, learn, you will see

I’m not after your check I have one of my own

I can spend the night in my bed alone

If I choose to make love on our first date

It is not an affair of state

It does not mean I have no class

It simply means I’m that bad ass

I know what I want and I know what I need

I’m doubtful you can keep up with me

I make my own choices

Amongst many voices

This does not mean I don’t want to hold hands

Or to hear the voice of a man

Saying I’m pretty in the moonlight

Or telling me my singing voice is just right

It means that if I let you come close

You can easily destroy that which I treasure most

My heart is made of fragile gold

Just the right size for a calloused hand to hold

Being strong does not make me weak

It means there’s more weight to each word you speak

If I let you close to me it means

I care for you far more than it seems

Because in the end I know it’s true

That once it’s over I’m going to rue

The foolish notion we were somehow meant

That time with you was time well spent

There’s only me to pick up the pieces

To smooth out rough, wrinkled, creases

I don’t need a man to take care of me

I want what every human wants and needs

Someone to care ABOUT me

If you hurt me I won’t stick around waiting for it all to go down

If it’s up to me to mend my heart

I might as well get a head start

I don’t want to be chased I don’t want to play games

If you hurt me I won’t stay

A hug, a kiss, a reason to laugh

But if you can’t give me that

You may as well kiss my ass!

Authors blurb: truly it confuses me as to why women are looked at negatively for being strong and independent. You would rather I would sit pretty and let you take care of me? By being self sufficient I am not allowed to desire comfort and love? Fuck that. I can do it all. I want it all. I deserve it all.


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