Finding Home

It felt like how I imagined home to be

Standing under the fading sun and swaying trees

The croon of cicadas was low and sweet

Out where the grass and sky meet

Gnarled tree limbs reached for the sky

The feel of your hand in mine made me high

The frogs chirrupped back and forth

You were my dark horse

Unexpected feelings there

Underneath the evening air

Easy smiles and laughter anew

You said you felt it strongly too

The whisper and shush of the grass underfoot was like a secret

To be kept

I made you wish upon the first star

Despite how practical you are

You made the wish to please me

The hot and heady feelings welled inside and burst free

If I could catch a moment in time

Save it up, make it forever mine

That would be the moment to choose

The memory I wouldn’t want to lose

A time and place when time stood still

Held like hardened amber in the field

The smell of country on the breeze

No one but ourselves to please

Innocent of tomorrow’s yesterday

We only needed right then; Today

Such a beautiful concept

That when we first met

Even though we would have to part

This moment would lodge forever in my heart

Authors blurb: if you ever had love at first sight you remember when it hit you. You remember how it knocked the breath out of you and left you hungering for more. How beautiful it was. No matter how it ended you still treasure that trembling moment when your soul was no longer your own.


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